Enzymes & Reagent

Increased demand for faster and reliable results both in molecular diagnostics and research has driven Huwel – with its extensive experience and forte in Molecular biology – to develop an all-inclusive range of enzymes that enable different molecular biology applications. Huwel is proud to offer a variety of enzymes & reagents and stand by its promise to provide value, quality and reliability to its clients. Our Enzymes and reagents are well suited for critical applications of “Endpoint PCR, Real-Time PCR and LAMP”, both for Industrial and research requirements. The range include “Single tube ready-to-use PCR mixes” for DNA amplification and also for Reverse transcription + DNA amplification. Additionally, these reagents come with “UDG (Uracil DNA Glycosylase)” which is an excellent solution to prevent carry over contamination that is generally a frequent problem in high-throughput labs.  Our “Fast PCR mixes” are designed and developed to reduce the overall time taken for the experiment quite significantly for both cDNA synthesis and DNA amplification. “PCR mixes” that are required for regular applications are also available.  Highlights:
  •     All products are made inhouse with highest quality
  •     All RT-PCR / LAMP kits consists of enzymes manufactured inhouse
  •     Enzymes are also optimized for lyophilization
  •     Ultrafast mix is compatible for rapid RTPCR methods which can complete the reaction in 20-25 min.
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