Clinical Diagnostics -PCR Kits

Huwel achieved manufacturing excellence in producing quality PCR kits through its expertise in DNA & RNA based assay systems. Our rigid compliance to Quality Management System along with stringent Raw Material sourcing permits us to maintain consistent quality in each batch produced. In addition to clean Room facility with unidirectional work flow system, our infrastructure includes full range of equipment’s – PCR Instruments, Walk in -20C Freezers, Protein purification system, Water systems for purified water and HEPA-fitted LAFs, HVAC systems- required to support our cGMP operations for manufacture. Since major critical components required for manufacturing are produced In-house, we maintain an advantage of short lead time for production and supply. This strategic advantage had enabled us to produce nearly 300 million COVID tests during the pandemic time and supply all across India when country desperately needed the services for control and containment of speared of COVID.Huwel has to its credit manufacturing 32 RT-PCR diagnostic kits across infectious diseases, genetic diseases and cancer markersOur services during the COVID time were recognized by NITIAAyog and declared HUWEL as one of the best startup up company.Highlights:
  •       Serves wide range of tests
  •       Highly sensitive and specific assays tested against WHO standards
  •       Tested for more than three years in the market
  •       Consistent supply to many customers for last 3-4 years
  •       Can be part of companion diagnostics
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