About Us

Huwel Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd is registered as per companies act in 2015 , in Hyderabad , Telangana. It established its R&D and manufacturing unit in 2017 and obtained manufacturing licenses form DCGI. 

Huwel expanded its activities in medical devices park, Sultanpur, Telangana with   a GMP facility built in about 50,000 sqft  with about 20,000 sqft  of ISO7/8 classified clean rooms.

Our state of the art facility is completely equipped with the needed infrastructure and clean rooms for development and manufacturing of End Point PCR, Real-Time PCR kits, Enzymes , Primer Probes , PCR mixes, Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits and Reagents . Our current facility is  CE, US FDA and MDR compliant with a Manufacturing capacity of over 100 million PCR tests per annum and scaleup capabilities.

With a policy that empowers employees, our company is backed with qualified and experienced team that always strive to deliver high quality molecular products.  In addition to the implementation of Good manufacturing practices (GMP), following latest MDR and  ISO 13485/9001 guidelines and adapting stringent QC/QA coupled with high quality documentation that ensures the processes that meet the Global requirements.

Huwel obtained IVD License for manufacturing and marketing of wide range of Molecular diagnostic kits covering Infectious diseases, Cancer markers and Genetic Disorders. Our other range includes design and synthesis of Custom Oligos, Modified Oligos, production of Enzymes and PCR mixes for various applications.

Huwel has catered the highest number of COVID kits for most of the states in India through Govt tenders. Our Products are approved in UAE, Philippines and engaged with customers in other countries.

Our expertise in the field has given us opportunity to partner with many Research Institutes and organizations for various projects and grants.