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Who Are We

About Us

Huwel Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. was established in February 2015 as a high-end molecular diagnostics kit manufacturer which enable reference labs and hospitals to provide reliable and high-quality diagnostics services to clinicians. The facility is well equipped with a state of the art ISO 7/8 clean rooms for development and manufacturing of PCR, Real-Time PCR kits and Rapid real-time PCR machines with reagents.

The company is backed with a very experienced team with a mission to deliver high-quality molecular kits and reagents. Good manufacturing practices (GMP), adapting stringent quality control methods and high level of documentation at Huwelensures delivery of high-quality kits with consistency.

Our Vision

Huwel lifesciences was established with the aim to make a mark in the area of molecular diagnostics. Huwel aims at manufacturing and developing the accurate and cost-effective molecular test. All the reagents and kits are manufactured following GMP guidelines under ISO 7 and 8 environment, and undergo strict Quality control testing before release.

Our Team

Huwel is backed with experienced young team of scientific staff which has huge expertise in
research, regulatory, quality control and procurement.

Rachana Tripathi


Dr. Rachana, a Ph.D. in cancer biology has vast experience in development and commercialization of diagnostic assays. Worked at Indian premier Institutes like IISc and CCMB for doctoral studies and also has international exposure at NIH during her Ph.D. studies. After working at Reliance Lifesciences for a brief period she founded RAS Lifesciences in 2008, which was subsequently acquired by a French multinational. She has more than 15 years of experience in cloning, expression, and purification of recombinant enzymes and assay development.

Dr. Shesheer Kumar


Dr. Shesheer Kumar has a Ph.D. in molecular virology. Prior to Ph.D. he worked at Premier Biosoft, R&D unit of Shantha Biotechnics and as a consultant to Sudershan biotech. He founded RAS with Dr. Rachana in 2008. He continued as CEO of RAS.   His expertise in molecular biology helped RAS and subsequently Huwel to build its current product profile. Currently taking care of operations, sales and marketing of Huwel products.

Problems We Solve

Development of novel molecular Assay

Development of room temperature stable molecular reagents and enzymes

Recombinant protein expression and purification

Assay development for detection of veterinary, Lab animals, aquaculture and agriculture infections.

What We Do


  • Enzymes and Mixes
  • Diagnostics Kits
  • Instruments


  • Infections
  • Cancer
  • Genetics

Build Labs

  • Setting up labs
  • Equipment and lab furniture
  • Establishing assays in labs
  • Supply of reagents

Our Manufacturing

Enzymes and Mixes

Product: Taq Polymerase

Product info, technical Info, MSDS,COA

  1. Taq polymerase ( Info)
  2. Hot start taq polymerase (Info)
  3. Reverse Transcriptase (Info)
  4. Bst Polymerase (Info)
  5. 5X PCR Mix (end point PCR) (Info)
  6. 2X Real Time PCR mix with hot start taq for Taqman reactions
  7. 2X Real Time PCR mix for Taqman reactions
  8. 5X PCR mix for Syber Green reactions
  9. RT Mix for single tube Reverse Transcription and Real time PCR (info)
  10. Real Time PCR mix for Ultrafast Real Time PCR (Taqman and Real Time PCR)

Diagnostic Kits

Quantiplus Real Time PCR Kits

Product Details, Technical details

  1. Quantiplus Adeno Virus Quantitation Kit
  2. Quantiplus BK Virus Quantitation Kit
  3. Quantiplus Epstein Bar Virus Quantitation Kit
  4. Quantiplus Chikungunya detection Kit
  5. Quantiplus MTB/NTM detection Kit
  6. Quantiplus Dengue detection Kit
  7. Quantiplus HBV Quantitation Kit
  8. Quantiplus HSV 1&2 Detection Kit
  9. Quantiplus JAK-2 V617>F mutation detection Kit
  10. Quantiplus BCR-ABL Quantitation Kit
  11. Quantiplus Dengue genotyping
  12. Quantiplus JC virus Quantitation Kit
  13. Quantiplus JE virus detection Kit
  14. Quantiplus Cryptococcus detection Kit
  15. Quantiplus Malaria Detection kit
  16. Quantiplus Toxoplasma Detection kit
  17. Quantiplus HPV 16 & 18 detection kit
  18. Quantiplus HIV-1 Qualitative Kit
  19. Quantiplus HBV Qualitative Kit
  20. Quantiplus HCV Qualitative Kit
  21. Huwel Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
  22. Huwel Molecular Transport Medium
  23. Quantiplus Multiplex COVID-19 Detection Kit V 2.0


  1. Automated DNA extractor
  2. Chip based Ultra Fast Real Time PCR/ PCR

Our Diagnostics




Build Labs

Huwel technical team has expertise

  1. In setting up labs which are as per NABL/ISO 15489 guidelines.
  2. Suggest equipment and lab furniture used in diagnostics
  3. Hand hold in establishing assays in labs
  4. Ensure uninterrupted supply of reagents and other consumables

Who we serve

Laboratories in the hospitals




Our Partners

Associated with Genesystems Korea for Rapid PCR equipment

Associated with Sirfbio for Automated Nucleic Acid extraction system

Our Standards and
What Sets Us Apart

  1. All Enzymes, Buffers and Kiits are manufactured in ISO 7 environment following GMP guidelines
  2. New standards for manufacturing of molecular biology reagents in India which are at par with the Global Standards
  3. Emphasis is on consistency within acceptable limits in batch-to-batch variation in quality and units
  4. No Compromising on quality without raising the user end cost







Our Achievements